Featured Brands

Armor Plate Battery

Armor Plate Batteries makes it their mission to provide some of the most outstanding customer service in the industry.

Associated Equipment

Associated Equipment Corporation, founded in 1948, is a family-owned business with a 65-year history of product innovation in the automotive, trucking and industrial battery maintenance market.

Centennial AGM

Centennial’s AGM sealed construction allows for the battery to provide long life cycles while at the same time being a maintenance-free product with a low pressure venting system.


Delta-Q is a leading manufacturer of industrial battery chargers. Delta-Q high frequency battery chargers extend battery life, provide maximum up-time, and reduce cost of ownership.


DENSO Starters and Alternators are manufactured and tested to the strictest OE specifications for unparalleled performance.


Energizer Industrial Alkaline batteries are perfect for use on heavy current or continuous applications.

Full Throttle

Built to the highest standards on the market, Full Throttle is made to be put through the toughest tests – high speeds, off road, on board accessories, winches, bouncing hydraulics and booming systems – and still start your engine when it’s time to head back to the garage.


At Fullriver, we design and manufacture everything we sell. Our engineers in the USA, Europe and China have developed the highest quality VRLA technology on the market today.

Lester Electrical

Founded in 1963, Lester Electrical has continuously been an industry leader in designing and manufacturing industrial battery chargers.


Motobatt batteries come with quadflex technology that extends the duration that the battery takes to discharge completely. Forget about repeated charging; power is guaranteed.

NOCO Genius

Noco creates solar panels, jump starters, portable power devices as well as premium consumer battery chargers. It also delivers a wide variety of battery products and dedicated accessories that you can access on the fly.


NorthStar Batteries use innovative pure lead thin plate AGM technology to deliver superior cranking, unrivaled cycling, faster recharge and longer life with minimal maintenance.


Odyssey batteries come in many different specifications to meet your car and truck needs. There is definitely a battery that meets your needs such as massive starting power, deep cycling and rapid recovery.


OPTIMA® Batteries deliver supreme performance and reliability. Our unique SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® gives OPTIMA Batteries over 15 times more vibration resistance and increased cycle life compared to traditional batteries.


No matter the battery necessary for your application, PowerSonic can provide you with not only the strictest assurance of quality, but also the highest level of convenience.


QuickCable is the leading manufacturer of connectors, cable, cable assemblies, tools and accessories for the energy storage industry.

Trojan Battery

From deep-cycle flooded batteries to deep-cycle AGM and gel batteries, Trojan has shaped the world of deep-cycle battery technology with more than 85 years of battery manufacturing experience.

US Battery

U.S. Battery is the industry leader in manufacturing deep cycle batteries specifically for: solar power, renewable energy, golf car batteries, marine, wind power, energy storage, sweeper batteries, scrubber batteries, automotive, flooded battery, deep cycle batteries, agm , sealed batteries, and most other uses for deep cycle batteries.

Zamp Solar

Batteries used in RV’s, Campers and Travel Trailers typically last 2 to 3 years. A Zamp Solar RV Solar system can extend a properly sized battery bank 2 to 3 times their normal life. It’s not uncommon for batteries to last 6 to 8 years and even 10+ years with proper solar charging.


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